Originally, the word “Permaculture” was the combination of the two words “permanent” and “agriculture”.  Two Australians, Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, coined the term in the 1970’s.  It is an agricultural philosophy that allows us to use the resources that we have around us to their fullest potential.  By observing and learning from our environment, such as how nature replenishes soil, how nature protects and conserves water resources, how nature has adapted to the specific climate of an area, etc…we can learn how to imitate these natural processes in our daily living.  The more closely that we can work with nature, the more likely we are to establish a balance which will provide us with the things that we need without hurting the environment.

In 2018 the group ran a one day Permaculture taster course. The instructor was Milly Carmichael from Transition Marlborough, who hold an annual Permaculture Design Course with lessons running from spring to autumn. For details on that check the events section of the Transition Marlborough Facebook page.

Permaculture classroom

Milly in action in our outdoor 'classroom'.