Cycle Friendly Devizes

During the COVID-19 lockdown in mid 2020 many people started cycling more, partly to get some exercise and partly as a way of avoiding the use of public transport. This enthusiasm for cycling has support from the national Government (see their whitepaper Gear Change - A Bold Vision of Cycling and Walking) and is gaining support within Wiltshire Council as part of their measures to tackle the climate emergency. In September 2020 we ran a survey to find out about the pleasures and pitfalls of cycling in the Devizes area. Our findings suggest that more people would cycle here if they felt safer doing so. Hence we are now seeking to make a Cycle Friendly Devizes.

The full report from our survey is available by clicking on the cover image below.

Cycling Report Cover

If you wish to help us in making a Cycle Friendly Devizes then please get in touch either by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or via our Facebook page.


Local Cycling Related Information

If you are looking to use a bicycle to get around Devizes then this cycling map for the town may be helpful.

If you wish to find other cyclists to get together with, or to promote local rides or share interesting bike stuff then try this Facebook group Cycle Friendly Devizes.

For more sporting cycling then check out Devizes Town Cycling Club.

Local shop Bikes 'n Boards is a good place to start if you need a bicycle or related equipment, they also repair bicycles.


More General Cycling Resources

CyclingUK, formerly the Cyclists' Touring Club, is a rich source of information, ideas and route planning. Membership brings benefits such as legal advice and third party insurance.

Sustrans campaigns for cyclist's rights and facilities, and organises events. They run the National Cycle network of routes including Route 4 that passes through Devizes.

For touring or for your regular commute there are several route planning websites, it's worth trying a few to see which gives the directions you prefer. You can also use google maps and set it to give a route for a cyclist rather than a driver.

There are many apps that will check and record your speed, distance, route and calories burnt. The best known is probably Strava, available as an app on most smart phones or for taking data from many GPS enabled cycle computers.