Saturday 30 September 2017, 09:00am - 03:00pm

Talk to car dealers for electric and hybrids: Nissan, Renault, Toyota, Hyunda and Kia

Check out electric bikes: Raleigh, KTM, Batribike, E-Max and Sev

The next generation of vehicles have been introduced on our roads. The pure electric Renault Zoë can achieve a range of 250 miles. Many more Hybrid cars - petrol/electric, petrol/compressed air are available now or very soon.. 

GO ELECTRIC and be part of the air pollution solution - air quality is breaching limits in Devizes and we need to reduce our CO2 emissions fast.

We are showing a large variety of electric hybrid cars, electric cycles and scooters that are available now. You will be able to see how far they have evolved and arrange a test drive later.

Main Sponsor: Platinum Cars

Plus: E-Motion, FJ Chalke Ltd, Bikes & Boards

Location  Devizes Market Place