Plant Swap May 2021

The venue for this year’s plant swap was the forecourt of St Andrew’s Church and despite the showers was very successful. A steady stream of people visited the stall which sported an eclectic mix of plants. There were maybe around 30 visitors to the stall during the morning. Plants on offer included vegetable seedlings, ornamental cuttings and house plants. Seeds have got off to a slow start this year due to the very cold spring and many seedlings were still much smaller than would normally be expected. I (Jacky) picked up two tomato plants which were marginally further advanced than the ones I am growing at home but the essence of being a gardener is hopefulness. There’s always next year if things don’t work this time.


As always, there was no charge for the plants taken but donations were welcome and over £100 was received towards future activities. Many thanks to those who brought plants to share and also to those who came to look and take plants to grow on.

People seemed pleased to be able to meet and discuss the plants and meet in a relatively normal way. For members of Sustainable Devizes, it was an opportunity to meet face to face for the first time in some cases.