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Sustainable Devizes is a community group seeking ways to strengthen the local economy, reduce our environmental impact, and build resilience for a future beyond cheap energy and a changing climate. We are part of the Transition Network “A movement of communities coming together to re-imagine and rebuild our world”.

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Theme of the month - Lower Impact Transport

The theme for this month is reducing the carbon emissions due to our travel.  Data from the National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory shows that 44% of the CO2 emissions taking place within the boundary of Wiltshire are due to road based transport - a staggering 1.23 million tonnes of CO2 per year!

At our meeting on November 6th we explored the challenges associated with lower impact transport. Participants raised the following issues:

  • Electric Vehicles have many benefits (low emissions, tax & fuel costs) however range anxiety and lack of reliable public charging infrastructure discourage their use
  • It is possible to holiday without flying, either by staying within the UK or by using trains for continental journeys. However avoiding flying for business trips can be challenging due to the short notice nature of these trips and the difficulty of planning them.
  • "Love miles" - travel necessary to take care of family members in distant locations, is a real challenge for many of those present. 
  • Public transport links to local stations are largely non-existent early in the morning or in the evening. Forcing car use even when people chose to travel by train.
  • Cycling between towns and villages in Wiltshire is perceived as too hazardous - due to the high traffic volumes on what are often quite small roads.
  • Public transport is not really an option if you need to carry a significant amount of luggage.

Some actions arising from this are:

  • On a personal level be aware of the impact of our travel. Question whether it is necessary and whether the journey could be made in a lower carbon way.
  • As a group we should push for more electric vehicle charging points locally.
  • In many places cars are heavily used in pupil's journeys to school. We should investigate this locally and push for more walking and cycling as an alternative.
  • Push Wiltshire Council for greater action on public transport, particularly following their declaration of a climate emergency.

Looking forward the theme for next month is vegetarian and vegan food. So on Wednesday 4th December we will hold a vegetarian and vegan bring and share supper, where we will share recipes and will consider to what extend dietary changes can reduce carbon emissions. 

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The Low Energy team is tapping into local opportunities to encourage various ways of using energy more efficiently.

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C.U.D.S. folk clean up neglected corners of Devizes and plant up areas of wasteland with wild flowers and bulbs. Sustainable Devizes is forming a group to tackle waste more generally




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07:30PM - 09:30PM
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08 Jan 2020
07:30PM - 09:30PM
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05 Feb 2020
07:30PM -
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