Welcome to Sustainable Devizes

Sustainable Devizes is a community group seeking ways to strengthen the local economy, reduce our environmental impact, and build resilience for a future beyond cheap energy and a changing climate. We are part of the Transition Network “A movement of communities coming together to re-imagine and rebuild our world”.

For more details of our aims and activities see the About page.

Theme of the month - Repair and Reuse

This month we are looking into how repairing and reusing things can reduce the carbon emissions caused by the manufacture and transport of goods that we buy. This report suggests that on average 25% of the carbon emissions attributed to UK households, 3 tonnes CO2e/year, is down to our purchases. It goes on to suggest that this can be reduced significantly by "Spending much less, buying fewer but much higher quality goods that last and can be repaired and using local goods and services".

At our Repair and Reuse event early in January we heard from David Dunford, one of the founders of the Salisbury Repair Cafe. His enthusiasm was contagious and by the end of the evening we had a list of 25 people willing to help out in running something similar here in Devizes.  Over the coming weeks Sustainable Devizes is planning the projects for this year - currently this is high up the list. So watch this space for more details...

Meanwhile the Devizes Clothes Exchange group are running a "Swap don't Shop" event for childrens clothing on February 9th in the Wyvern Club. This is a great example where reuse not can not only reduce carbon emissions, but can also save parents money.

Home page Low Energy

The Low Energy team is tapping into local opportunities to encourage various ways of using energy more efficiently.

Home page Living Food

Members of the Living Food Team are involved in various aspects of local food production: allotments, permaculture, markets, good food shops and seed swaps.

Home page Green Transport
The transport team is involved with air pollution from too many cars and pressing for solutions for all modes of green transport.  


C.U.D.S. folk clean up neglected corners of Devizes and plant up areas of wasteland with wild flowers and bulbs. Sustainable Devizes is forming a group to tackle waste more generally




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