Welcome to Sustainable Devizes

Sustainable Devizes is a community group seeking ways to strengthen the local economy, reduce our environmental impact, and build resilience for a future beyond cheap energy and a changing climate. We are part of the Transition Network “A movement of communities coming together to re-imagine and rebuild our world”.

For more details of our aims and activities see the About page.

Theme of the month - Lobbying for System Change

The theme for this month is how we can apply pressure to government, at all levels, to encourage them to make the necessary system level changes to give us a chance of limiting the extent of climate breakdown.  With Extinction Rebellion taking to the streets of London from October 7th this is a timely topic. 

In our event held on 2nd October David Waltham presented the science behind and the actions he is taking on his "100 tonne diet". Basically to have a even a 50% chance of global warming remaing below 1.5°C each one of us must cause no more than 100 tonnes of CO2 equivalent of greenhouse gasses to be emitted. This is our total allowance from now onwards - after this we must live in a carbon neutral way.

Last month we looked at personal carbon footprints and that gives some idea of the changes that we can make as individuals. If you haven't yet tried it then here is a great carbon footprint calculator. It is however clear that as individuals we cannot eliminate all the emissions being made on our behalf. Hence David proposed a carbon fee and dividend, also known as carbon income, scheme as a way of penalising emissions and encouraging emission free behaviour. More details are available at Citizens Climate Lobby. There is also an EU wide petition which you can sign here.

Looking forwards our theme for next month is Lower impact travel. For anyone coming to the event on November 6th we have a little homework... try to make at least one trip, you would normally make by car, in a lower carbon way eg by walking, cycling or by public transport.

Home page Low Energy

The Low Energy team is tapping into local opportunities to encourage various ways of using energy more efficiently.

Home page Living Food

Members of the Living Food Team are involved in various aspects of local food production: allotments, permaculture, markets, good food shops and seed swaps.

Home page Green Transport
The transport team is involved with air pollution from too many cars and pressing for solutions for all modes of green transport.  


C.U.D.S. folk clean up neglected corners of Devizes and plant up areas of wasteland with wild flowers and bulbs. Sustainable Devizes is forming a group to tackle waste more generally




06 Nov 2019
07:30PM - 09:30PM
Lower Impact Transport
04 Dec 2019
07:30PM - 09:30PM
Thinking Vegetarian and Vegan
06 Jan 2020
07:30PM - 09:30PM
Repair and Reuse